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Did not  wish to give his name in case of 'retaliation'..has had 5 heart attacks and says that military plane spotting has saved his life...He regulalry goes to show and this is the largest amount of B52's he has ever seen even more than in the Gulf war and Kosovo. He  knew all the plnes and was abke t identitfy the  age and bulid of  each one. "The last one on the right there  that'd  been  built in  1961. That was the last one ever made"  He likes to see if  the numbers that he collected form the planes in the  Kosovo war match up  with the ones on these planes.  ..He once saw a B52 plane come in from the last  Gulf  war with a cruise missile hanging off the wing by a single clip.. "The pilot and  crew ran like mad  from the plane once .it had landed !" ..When asked about the  peace protesters he said.  " I was attacked  by  2 'peace' women during the Kosoovo war. They took my  cam-corder off me and threw it onto the ground...About The War 'No one likes war but the man has weapons of mass  destruciton,  he's got to be got  rid off. ...He'll be here all day and he's brought his dinner and tea with him .At RAF Fairford on the day of the outbreak of the second  Gulf War 19/3/03.  .....