Plane spotters

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Julian Taylor (rhs),plane spotter and Taxi driver from Witney and Alan Board (lhs) amateur photographer, plane  spotter and maintenance engineer & comes from Warickshire..Watching planes at RAF Fairford on the day the second Gulf war broke out 19/3/03..When asked what he  thought of the war  Julian said ." shame it's happened but it's necessary".  Both  showed great concern for about  possible terrrorists acts  happening on the Tube network in London and seemed to think that by getting rid of Saddam Hussein this would  be stopped as a result. ..Julian  has been a plane spotter since the age of 12 when he  saw B111 bombers fly over his house.  He now  goes all over the  country  to air shows. He'd been at Fairford since 8am  (this day) and was leaving at 3pm to go to work  as a taxi driver.